Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and Metabolic Typing

Your biochemical makeup is as unique as your fingerprints. For genetic reasons, we’re all very different in the way that our bodies process foods and utilize nutrients. Throughout evolutionary history, people all over the world have been forced to adapt to widely varying environmental circumstances, including very different climates and food supplies.

As an example, traditional Inuit thrive on very large quantities of meat and fat, while people born in the tropics stay healthy eating fruits and grains and other light vegetarian fare. For decades, scientists have observed that people who eat according to their genetically based dietary needs have virtually no incidence of cancer, heart disease, or any other degenerative ailments.

Do you know your unique genetically based nutritional needs?

Eat According To Your Metabolic Type

Our poor health is often a direct result of serious dietary deficiencies and imbalances. These problems persist so long as the knowledge necessary to evaluate and correct nutritional problems on a case-by-case basis is not applied. Dietary solutions need to be tailored to individuals, because what works for one person may have no effect on another person, or may make a third person worse. By testing for your Metabolic Type and tailoring a nutritional programme according to your individual metabolic needs it is possible to achieve far-reaching results.

Healthexcel’s Metabolic Typing is an easy-to-use, proven technology that allows you rapidly to identify your own highly individualized dietary needs. This extraordinary technology represents the combined efforts of some of this century’s leading medical researchers – people who are well known for pioneering achievements in nutritional science. Now you can benefit from this simple system to identify your metabolic type. Then you’ll know how to select just the right “body fuel” – foods, food combinations and nutrients – that will enable your body to function at peak efficiency:

Here’s how it works:

  1. Make an appointment with Lois Thompson for an explanation of what Metabolic Typing is about and obtain her Advisor Number.
  2. Go to a special website to download and print off our Metabolic Typing questionnaire. Fill it out on paper and then go back into the computer to fill in your answers and input the Advisor Number. (The cost to write the test is $45.)
  3. That report that you receive reveals:
    • Your Metabolic Type
    • Your Metabolic Type Diet
    • Your Metabolic Type Supplement Program, customized for you
  4. Come back periodically for follow-up testing to monitor your progress and chart your success with your Metabolic Type program.