Becoming a Patient

Becoming a patient usually begins with an initial appointment with Dr. Lucy Ormerod, who expertly assesses which modalities (treatment methods) are most likely to be of benefit to you, either creating a customized treatment plan and/or referring you to one of the clinic's associated speclialists for furhter treatment. Those patients who specifically wish to address a musculoskeletal concern may sign up for Bowen therapy treatment.

In order to provide you with the best care possible on your first visit with us, we request the following:

  1. Please fill out the Intake Form and Diet Diary Form. Please do not make changes to your diet immediately prior to your visit. Record what you eat for 4-7 days anytime prior to your first visit. There is a space on the form to record any sensations (physical discomfort, mood changes, etc.) that may occur following a meal.
  2. Please note on the intake form any pharmaceutical medications or supplements you may be taking. If possible please bring these in their original containers to your first visit.
  3. If you are able to compile diagnostic test results from your medical doctors, please do so. If you are unable to, it may be necessary during your first visit to sign a release-of-information form to send to your family physician.
  4. Please notify us prior to your visit if you have a known nut allergy or any other severe allergy.
  5. Please enclose a small photo of yourself with your intake form.
  6. Please refrain from wearing perfume or other highly scented toiletry while visiting the clinic.

What does treatment entail?

Treatment methods practiced by Quest Clinic practitioners may include any one or more of the following: Herbal medicines, homeopathic remedies, acupuncture, Bowen therapy, lifestyle counselling, mind-body techniques, hormone testing, food-allergy testing, nutritional counselling, and supplement recommendations.